Mouro superfoods Aronia juice 250ml


Mouro superfoods Aronia juice 250ml


Natural aronia juice is a high quality and nutritional value product.
The freshly sneered aronia juice preserves the high vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols concentration. We harvest the ripe fruit with a score of at least 24 units in the BRIX scale, a fact that makes the juice especially sweet, flavorful and higher in quality.

Pasteurization helps prolong the juice’s shelf-life, as most pathogens and other microorganisms are killed in the process and don’t spoil the product.

Suggested dose: 50-60ml daily.

Aronia fruits are farmed in our land in central Macedonia, Greece in accordance with organic agriculture specifications.

  • 100% aronia fruit
  • Sugar free
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly

Protection of the environment and going green are the primary goals of mouro superfoods, in addition to using recyclable materials.


mouro superfoods uses glass jars and bottles that have many benefits.

Glass is a transparent material that allows the products to be checked for quality, hygiene and possible alterations before even opening the package.

It is made out of inert materials (flavorless and odorless) so that the product doesn’t interact with the package and therefore keeps the natural odor and flavor of the product intact.

Moreover, glass is easily sterilized and pasteurized protecting the final product from microorganisms and temperature changes, while preserving the nutrients and vitamins at the same time.

It is harmless and eco-friendly, it is produced by materials in abundance worldwide and can be recycled countless times with no environmental impact since it is made out of 100% recyclable raw materials.

Last but not least, glass as a material can give a high-end feel to the final product with the impressive shapes, pretty colors and various textures that it can be molded into, giving a sense of good hygiene, security and luxury to the product.


Pasteurization is a process that kills pathogens, yeast, bacteria, fungi and endogenous enzymes of the fruit, that could result in a spoiled product or even cause disease, usually by mildly heating the product (regularly below 100⁰C).

It is possible that during pasteurization the product’s nutritional value might decrease lightly. However, the final product does keep its high concentration in natural sugars and minerals, such as Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, while vitamin B and C degradation is also minimum due to the short amout of time exposed to the mild heat, and can be considered negligible.

In this manner, we produce a fine product of high specifications and nutritional value, comparable to the fresh fruit, safe for consumption, that exeeds the Intended Reference Quantity of an average adult for many vitamins and minerals.


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