Greece has one of the oldest and most delicious gastronomic traditions in the world, a kaleidoscope of flavours, aromas, ingredients and techniques dating back to prehistoric times and up to the present day, as diverse as the regions that make up its landscape. The various regions of the country, based on their microclimate, their natural wealth, their habits and their coexistence with other peoples, have created local traditional cuisines. Fresh vegetables and greens, herbs and spices, legumes and cereals, fine meats and fish, seafood, cheese products, aromatic honey, fruits and various nuts, olive oil and wine, together with taste and imagination, they make up the culinary palette that is prominent at the everyday home table, at the festive table, at feasts, weddings and festivals, among friends, in restaurants and taverns, but also in the sad moments of life. The products, eating habits, traditional local recipes, their connection with life and everyday life, the utensils and tools, the way they are served are an integral part of the country’s history, economy and authentic culture.

Our team with our love for the products of Greece, the need to disseminate its quality and tasteful cuisine, our passion for gastronomy and our strong belief that gastronomy is integrated in the portfolio of culture and tourism with the tools offered by the internet as a helper, can be a comparative advantage and an important source of resources for the economy of our country, lead us to create a page aimed at promoting them, addressed to both professionals and lovers of traditional products and recipes. Our aim is to create an electronic mosaic that will present the overall picture of Greek gastronomy in a comprehensive way. Places and landscapes, people and products, history, tradition, myths and legends, tools, utensils, rituals and events, recipes, markets, entrepreneurship and people, some of the mosaics so that every corner of the Greek land is constituted and preserved as a cultural, gastronomic and consumer destination, offering the visitor an unforgettable gastronomic experience.